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From the survey which we produced we gave it out to 5 people of the public around the Bromley Borough.
From the results we found that,

- The public we gave out survey out to were all male
- They were all employed
- All earned around the same amount, 11-20k
- All lived in the same borough
- They all read the same newspaper which was 'The Sun'
- And that they would use a drug related website to find out information

7 - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When we had to create our preliminary website, I was nervous as I had never used the Apple Mac before and also the programs which were on it which we had to use. I chose to work with a partner which, had more experience than me at using them and therefore I could learn from how he was using the programs and use what I had learned and do some work as well.

The preliminary website which we looked at was the ‘Ravens Wood School’ website. By looking at this website I could get an idea for the layout, the information needed on the website and also could get an idea how to use the colours and images together.

From the preliminary website, it helped us create our website as the layout we used ad the images and colours worked together and made the website look professional and would work well with our target audience.

From looking at both the websites which we looked and had created, there was a difference in the information and the colour scheme as we had aimed our website at a different audience and we done this by the information which we got from our survey.

My ‘St Ben Foglers School’ website had little information on it and only a few of the hyperlinks actually worked. This was because I didn’t have experience with the program which we were using and therefore couldn’t use the knowledge which I had when creating my actually website for the preliminary website. On the actual website, having the experience I had and in the information which I picked up, made the website look more professional and more eye catching to the audience which I had thought about aiming it at.

I feel that the main website was better as I had built up experience in knowing where the icons were so that I could use them and also I had imagery which we took ourselves and also better information to use which we found out and used for our advantage.

To finish off, I feel that I have experienced a great deal of information on the | Macs and the programs which I had to use to create my final version of the website. Now I feel as if I can use the programs such as I Web and I Movie to create my own website and perhaps publish it myself onto the internet.

The errors and mistakes which I made on the previous website I learned not to include and how I could get around them so that I could make my website look as profession and as eye catching as possible.

By taking all of this into account, I believe that the website me and my partner have create is a good overall website and is worth a good grade, and now knowing I can use the programs given to me to use, I can go off knowing that I have learnt a lot from creating this website.

6 - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

The project which we have been set it to create an actual website that will be used by the target audience which we will have to pick as well. I am going to write about the programs which I have used and how they have created my website.

Apple Mac

I have never properly used an Apple Mac computer before so I had to start new with all the programs and the where about of the computers. The programs are no where near the same as on the Macs and therefore it took me a while to be able to use the programs which I had to use to create the website.

The Macs are much faster computers to use and once you have the hang of using them they are rather simple to use. As they are quicker to use you are able to get the information, which you are after much quicker and then you can use it quicker. Also they have more memory space than the other computers around the school, so with the information you want to use, you can hold that on the computer and have more space as well for other information and images.

I Web

Again I have never used this program before so I had to find how to use it and also where all the icons were so that I could use them for creating my website.

At the start I couldn’t really understand how to use I Web, so it took me a while to learn where everything was to I could make the website, but again once I got the hang of using it I found it easy and simple to use. Also it was quick as well. The icons which are on the program allow you to be able to make you the website, and exactly how you wanted it to look like, be it colours, layout and more.

A bad thing about I Web is that if there is no one to tell you where the icons are, it will take you a while to actually create the website which you are after. There are so many icons available and are all for different purposes, but some of them look the same. But once you have the hang of it, you can create something that looks professional.

Pictures and Video taking

The images and videos which me, and my partner took for the website we had to find an take ourselves. The Images were taking from all around the school and we think they were very effective on the website.

Also the video was taking in a classroom in the school. We took this ourselves again with the equipment from the media department. We have a fair bit of training so that we were able to use the equipment, and to get the final touches onto the images and the video we had help from members of staff.

I Movie

Before creating the website and the video, I have never used I Movie before. I had to get help putting the video which we had created onto the program, and then once it was on there we also needed help putting both the videos together, and making it look professional.

Once I had the help from a teacher, I was able to use the program myself and add the finishing touches to the video as well.

I Movie was had to use and to get the hold of, but then once we had help and got the video together, it got easier to use to put the final touches onto the video to make it look good and go together.

Microsoft Work and Excel

Both these programs I am able to use as I have used them both in different subjects. On the other hand the layout of both the programs are different as some things are in different places and are a little different to use.

On these programs are where I done my typing work for the website, and the type ups for the evaluation for the work.

Also I used excel for creating my survey which I had to hand out. Then I transferred it to Microsoft Word so that I could give it the finishing touches and produce the final survey.

Both these programs were easy to use as I had use them before and therefore I could do the type ups to finish the work and also type in the information onto the website and create the survey to get the audiences views on websites.

By using the I Mac and all the programs which came with it to create my website, I feel more comfortable in using the I Mac to create something different and also to do work in the media department on my own to do pieces of work which I have been given.

Monday, 10 May 2010

5 - How did you attract/address your audience?

Before we started creating our website we looked at other websites which were doing the same thing as our one. They were giving off the same information and also they were aiming their information at the same target audience.

The target audience, which I have aimed mine at is the age gap of 14 up to the age of around 20. I have had to make the images and videos aimed for that target audience and also I have had to make the information understandable for that target audience. The information will be given off in a formal way, which all the ages in the target audience will be able to understand.


The website we have created uses a mutiple amount of colours which may catch the audiences eye. We have used colours from the dull black to the bright colours such as yellow and also red. The colours we havs used may bring out the main information, so for the donate page, we have a donate box and the border around the edge of the box is bright red so that the ‘donate’ box stands out.

At the top of the page we have the hyperlinks so that they can go from page to page and these links are at the top of every page we have created. Also the links are the same on every page, be it the font, size colour etc…


The language which we have used on the website is easy to understand. The language has to be like this as the age group/ audience which, we are aiming our information at would rather read the information quick and easily so that they can understand it and get the facts and figures fast. Also people who are just trying to find out information, they can find the information quick and also can understand it.

Positioning of the page

The positioning of the page on out website are roughly the same. This is because the audience can then get a feel for the website and when they would like to go back or find out other information they will know where to go on the page.

The hyperlinks at the top of the pages are in the same place, the title of the website is at the top of the page in the top left hand side and also the information is roughly around the same place as well, and also the same for the pictures.

Font size

The font and also the size of the information is the same though out the website. The title is the same up in the top left hand side, and also the hyperlinks underneath the title are the same though out the website.

The information is all the same size and the same font.

All of this together allows the audience to realize which parts are the information and what parts to click on to get to other pages etc…

4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience which I will be aiming my website at will be around the ages of 14 up to the age of around 20.

We have produced a number of surveys which we have giving out to the public so we could get information which then we could use to create our website.

Also looking at other websites like the one which we have created, we can see that they are all aimed at the same target audience. All these websites use the same target audience as that age group are they ones which are the highest with the addictions.

The main target audience are people who have the addiction. This is because our information which we have used on the website and the video and images we have created are all based on to help people get over the addiction.

People who don’t have the addiction can also get information out from out website as then they can see how not to get into an addiction and also why it is bad to get into one as well.

The websites we have created reflects on the needs for the target audience. It is easy for the audience to move around the website and get the information which they are after. Also this means that they shouldn’t have trouble moving around the website looking for the information.

Also the website have a donate page so that when they have found out the information which they are after and they think that using the website was a success, they can give money so that more information can be found out and then in the future the website can hold more information and then help other people out who need help with their addiction.

3 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The website which I have created is based on a charity website known as Talk To Charlie. My website is based to the same target audience, but aimed at people who are addicted to drugs. Having the audience which I have aimed the website at, we have ha to create the website so that it is easy to used and isn’t complicated to load up the information which the audience is looking for.

Creating a website and the publishing it take a lot of time and research to see if the website is allowed to be published and also to see if no other website has the same title as the one you have created.

- When you want to publish the website, you will need to see whether there is a website on the internet with the same name as yours. If there is one with the same name you will have to rethink for a name for your website.

- When you have created a layout for a design, you will have to think about whether it is easy to use, so that if there is another website like yours, the other one may be easier to use so the audience will use that website instead of yours. Also whether the website is too hard to create when you are ready to create the final version.

- Once you have created your final version you need to find out what tools your going to use to create the final product. The tool which you are after should be on your hosting user.

- Upload the contents of your webpage’s for it is for the web server.

- the website you have created should now be able to be published onto the web.

To distribute you website means to publicize it to the public. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, from advertising it onto the television, the creating an advert on the radio and then also having it as a link from one website on the web.

You will have to pay for creating these adverts how every you decide to do them, but once your website is up and running and it is creating views, your website could become popular and get hundreds of views a day.

The website we have created will be published in a way that will be full proof and it will be done in a professional way. This will make sure that a good website will be produced and it will be, overall a good website.

2 - How does you media product represent particular social groups?

The website we have created is to attract people who have the problems which we are trying to resolve. The aim of the charity website is to convince people to give up their addiction and if so, how to stop it and why not to get into it in the first place.


The colours which we have used on our website are simple but then effective. Also the colours and images we have used make the website look different from all the others, and the images we have used go well with the colours on the page also. The colours are difference on every page so that every page is different so the website doesn’t get boring throughout. The use of different colours give a good effect and can keep the audience interested and not bored.

Style of language

The style of language on our website which we have used, is a style which is aimed to the teenage years of the population. This is because people from around the age of 14-20 talk very casual. This is so that the audience will be able to understand the facts and figures and will not get bored of the information and what get bored of reading from page to page.

Content and style of the video

The video which we have created is a short clip which we have made look like an ex drug addict, and then we are asking him questions so that the audience can see what drugs do to u. We have used a very high contrast in the video so that the persons face cant be seen, hiding his identity. This is a professional effect which is used and will be very effective on out website to make it look professional.

Layout and positioning of the page

Chat To Charlie is a basic charity website which is aimed to help people out with drug addictions, how to stop them, and why not to get started to have one. It is very similar to the website ‘Talk To Frank’. It has around the same information and also a couple of pages we have created are close to the pages on Talk To Frank.

One of the best bits of work on the website I think would be the backgrounds. Where they are our own imagery and we have used very plain and rather dull colours, they work well with the theme we have gone with (drug addict) and they are effective. The backgrounds are roughly the same as the Talk To Frank website as we are aiming the websites at the same audience. Also we have images next to some pieces of information, which we have written. The picture would be next to the information so that the audience will know what the information is about. Also this makes the website look neat and organized.

We have the images as the background and then have the information over the top of the images, and then also another image next to the information.

Also we have hyperlinks to other pages, which we have created. This means that all the pages we have created are linked to one another. This means that you can explore every page we have on the website and then if one doesn’t have the information which you are after you are able to go back a step and start again to find it.

The final bit which we have included on the website is a logo, this logo is in the same spot on every page which we have. The logo is ‘Charlie’ which is placed in the top left hand corner on every page, it is in the same colour and also the same text to that it stays the same.

1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The media product I have created is basically a normal HTML website that works normally and is linked to everything also. The website I have created isn’t really anything special but it works perfectly and is easy to use.

The layout, which I have created, is a normal layout with is easy to create but it also looks good and professional. I have taken the conventions from the website ‘Talk To Frank’. I have basically followed the layout, so where the links on the page are, and then the layout of the page itself. One of the main things I have followed is a donate page. I also looked at other websites and they to have a donate page. Having this will raise and help the charity bring money in and help the cause it’s helping out.

The background, which we have used, was our idea. We went around the school and we looked at things which looked warn and where messy. We were going for the messy theme seeing as other drug information websites had gone for this. Once we had got the images which we needed we went back onto the computers, copied the images onto them and then loaded them onto the website and made them fill out the backing of the pages. We played around so that the colours of the images would fit the information on the page, so seeing as marijuana is known as ‘green’, we used an image with green in it.

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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Website brief

The website which I am aiming to produce will be focused on a main charity website. The charity website which I am looking at is ‘’ this websites aims its information on people who have drug additions and therefore the information which it carries out is to help and explain what the drugs do. This website is a worldwide website aimed at anyone with a drug addiction, therefore it is a worldwide charity website.

I like the idea of this website because it doesn’t aim at one problem, it is aimed at a number of people with many different problems. Also it isn’t only posted online, this website has television adverts to advertise the website and what it does to help people.

The audience I think that ‘’ is aiming at are people from their teenage years around to the age of up to 30-40 years old, but then again the majority of the public can get something out of this website if needs be.

For my website I will aim to do this aswell. This is because it will have information carried out across the website and also it will have images, videos to help explain and give people the information which they are looking for.

The website will have information and also a donate page so people could give money to the charity and then expand the information they have and use it for a good cause.

Also there will be information on how to get in touch with the charity and therefore be able to ask any questions which they have and any enquires which they have also.

Industry research

What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows you to create your own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Web host are companies that create space for people to make their own websites for others to view. It is giving people the space to provide connectivity in a data centre.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification label which is at the end of a website name. This could be a .com, .net, .org and more.

Domain name are used in various contexts and addressing purposes, registering you to the website you want to look at.

How do u register a domain name?

To register a domain name you would have to go onto a website which lets you create your own website, then you would need to check the availability of the website name and then if it is available you would have to pay.

For me I checked is was available which it was, and then I found out that it would cost £19.98 for it to run for 2 years.

Blogspot review.

Starting the year with the subject of media, I came into the subject with not knowing a lot about the subject. Within these first couple of weeks we have reviewed a fair few clips from Hollyoaks and also the new James Bond film, Casino Royal.

My perceptions at the start of the year where to do as well as I could and understand what we would be doing as soon as possible. From looking at these clips from Hollyoaks and the James Bond film, we have looked at the camera angles which we have used and also the lighting which they would have used to create the scene.

My perceptions from the start of the year and from now haven’t changed as I still want to learn about the angles and still would like to carry on learning as quickly as possible.

What has gone well for me is that I have learnt about the camera angles, the lighting and how they create the scene well and understood about the ways in which they do this. The small pieces of written work which we have had to do I believe have gone well as I have mostly understood the work as hopefully I have done the work to a good standard.

From watching the James Bond DVD I have learnt about the camera angles and also the lighting which they use to create the movie. At the beginning of the year I wouldn’t have known about this type of editing for movies and now looking at it more in depth I do understand about the lighting and the angles of the camera which they use.

Also we have looked at a short video clip, which is called ‘gone fishing’. This short clip has won various amounts of awards around the world, and watching it gave me more of an insite to the media world, using many different camera angles, lighting and also a very interesting story line aimed at the audience in mind.

What you need to do

Planning /20
Brief - what are you going to do?
Research into other charity sites - annotated ptint screens
Survey results and audience profile
Sketches to be scanned and annotated
Industry research - what is web hosting? What is a domain name? How do you register a domain name?
Photographs upload individually or using iphoto
Video upload

7 questions

Friday, 26 March 2010

Digital distribution

The opportunities for the makers of short films to be distributed via Internet streaming are improving all the time.

Also it is the practice of providing content in a purely digital format, which is downloaded via the Internet straight to a consumer's home.

An example of this is when people create videos of themselves or friends and then they publish it on the Internet. A website they would publish it on would be ‘Youtube’ as an example.

This means that the video footage they have created will be able to be shown 24-7 for people to see all around the world.

Social networking

Social networking is where people with the same common interests come together and talk via the Internet. An example if this would be people coming together over the internet from a page such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Myspace’ and other websites such as these.

Its giving the people the opportunity to talk to free to other people from around the world so that they can have a conversation easily, and quicker than other ways of talking. It gives people the freedom of having conversation when, and where they like.

Content Provider

Content provider is either someone or something which provides access to a form of media, for instance Hotmail, which lets people access e-mail or even ITV. Then from the ITV, it allows you to access television viewing.

Internet controls

Internet controls are from firewalls blocking viruses on computer to here someone has created their own page on a website and they have a password to keep people from looking at their private information.

An example would be on such a page as ‘Facebook’ where people have passwords and can change their page so no one can view it, apart from people they have excepted.