Friday, 26 March 2010

Digital distribution

The opportunities for the makers of short films to be distributed via Internet streaming are improving all the time.

Also it is the practice of providing content in a purely digital format, which is downloaded via the Internet straight to a consumer's home.

An example of this is when people create videos of themselves or friends and then they publish it on the Internet. A website they would publish it on would be ‘Youtube’ as an example.

This means that the video footage they have created will be able to be shown 24-7 for people to see all around the world.

Social networking

Social networking is where people with the same common interests come together and talk via the Internet. An example if this would be people coming together over the internet from a page such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Myspace’ and other websites such as these.

Its giving the people the opportunity to talk to free to other people from around the world so that they can have a conversation easily, and quicker than other ways of talking. It gives people the freedom of having conversation when, and where they like.

Content Provider

Content provider is either someone or something which provides access to a form of media, for instance Hotmail, which lets people access e-mail or even ITV. Then from the ITV, it allows you to access television viewing.

Internet controls

Internet controls are from firewalls blocking viruses on computer to here someone has created their own page on a website and they have a password to keep people from looking at their private information.

An example would be on such a page as ‘Facebook’ where people have passwords and can change their page so no one can view it, apart from people they have excepted.

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