Wednesday, 12 May 2010

7 - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When we had to create our preliminary website, I was nervous as I had never used the Apple Mac before and also the programs which were on it which we had to use. I chose to work with a partner which, had more experience than me at using them and therefore I could learn from how he was using the programs and use what I had learned and do some work as well.

The preliminary website which we looked at was the ‘Ravens Wood School’ website. By looking at this website I could get an idea for the layout, the information needed on the website and also could get an idea how to use the colours and images together.

From the preliminary website, it helped us create our website as the layout we used ad the images and colours worked together and made the website look professional and would work well with our target audience.

From looking at both the websites which we looked and had created, there was a difference in the information and the colour scheme as we had aimed our website at a different audience and we done this by the information which we got from our survey.

My ‘St Ben Foglers School’ website had little information on it and only a few of the hyperlinks actually worked. This was because I didn’t have experience with the program which we were using and therefore couldn’t use the knowledge which I had when creating my actually website for the preliminary website. On the actual website, having the experience I had and in the information which I picked up, made the website look more professional and more eye catching to the audience which I had thought about aiming it at.

I feel that the main website was better as I had built up experience in knowing where the icons were so that I could use them and also I had imagery which we took ourselves and also better information to use which we found out and used for our advantage.

To finish off, I feel that I have experienced a great deal of information on the | Macs and the programs which I had to use to create my final version of the website. Now I feel as if I can use the programs such as I Web and I Movie to create my own website and perhaps publish it myself onto the internet.

The errors and mistakes which I made on the previous website I learned not to include and how I could get around them so that I could make my website look as profession and as eye catching as possible.

By taking all of this into account, I believe that the website me and my partner have create is a good overall website and is worth a good grade, and now knowing I can use the programs given to me to use, I can go off knowing that I have learnt a lot from creating this website.

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