Monday, 10 May 2010

5 - How did you attract/address your audience?

Before we started creating our website we looked at other websites which were doing the same thing as our one. They were giving off the same information and also they were aiming their information at the same target audience.

The target audience, which I have aimed mine at is the age gap of 14 up to the age of around 20. I have had to make the images and videos aimed for that target audience and also I have had to make the information understandable for that target audience. The information will be given off in a formal way, which all the ages in the target audience will be able to understand.


The website we have created uses a mutiple amount of colours which may catch the audiences eye. We have used colours from the dull black to the bright colours such as yellow and also red. The colours we havs used may bring out the main information, so for the donate page, we have a donate box and the border around the edge of the box is bright red so that the ‘donate’ box stands out.

At the top of the page we have the hyperlinks so that they can go from page to page and these links are at the top of every page we have created. Also the links are the same on every page, be it the font, size colour etc…


The language which we have used on the website is easy to understand. The language has to be like this as the age group/ audience which, we are aiming our information at would rather read the information quick and easily so that they can understand it and get the facts and figures fast. Also people who are just trying to find out information, they can find the information quick and also can understand it.

Positioning of the page

The positioning of the page on out website are roughly the same. This is because the audience can then get a feel for the website and when they would like to go back or find out other information they will know where to go on the page.

The hyperlinks at the top of the pages are in the same place, the title of the website is at the top of the page in the top left hand side and also the information is roughly around the same place as well, and also the same for the pictures.

Font size

The font and also the size of the information is the same though out the website. The title is the same up in the top left hand side, and also the hyperlinks underneath the title are the same though out the website.

The information is all the same size and the same font.

All of this together allows the audience to realize which parts are the information and what parts to click on to get to other pages etc…

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