Monday, 10 May 2010

4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience which I will be aiming my website at will be around the ages of 14 up to the age of around 20.

We have produced a number of surveys which we have giving out to the public so we could get information which then we could use to create our website.

Also looking at other websites like the one which we have created, we can see that they are all aimed at the same target audience. All these websites use the same target audience as that age group are they ones which are the highest with the addictions.

The main target audience are people who have the addiction. This is because our information which we have used on the website and the video and images we have created are all based on to help people get over the addiction.

People who don’t have the addiction can also get information out from out website as then they can see how not to get into an addiction and also why it is bad to get into one as well.

The websites we have created reflects on the needs for the target audience. It is easy for the audience to move around the website and get the information which they are after. Also this means that they shouldn’t have trouble moving around the website looking for the information.

Also the website have a donate page so that when they have found out the information which they are after and they think that using the website was a success, they can give money so that more information can be found out and then in the future the website can hold more information and then help other people out who need help with their addiction.

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