Monday, 10 May 2010

2 - How does you media product represent particular social groups?

The website we have created is to attract people who have the problems which we are trying to resolve. The aim of the charity website is to convince people to give up their addiction and if so, how to stop it and why not to get into it in the first place.


The colours which we have used on our website are simple but then effective. Also the colours and images we have used make the website look different from all the others, and the images we have used go well with the colours on the page also. The colours are difference on every page so that every page is different so the website doesn’t get boring throughout. The use of different colours give a good effect and can keep the audience interested and not bored.

Style of language

The style of language on our website which we have used, is a style which is aimed to the teenage years of the population. This is because people from around the age of 14-20 talk very casual. This is so that the audience will be able to understand the facts and figures and will not get bored of the information and what get bored of reading from page to page.

Content and style of the video

The video which we have created is a short clip which we have made look like an ex drug addict, and then we are asking him questions so that the audience can see what drugs do to u. We have used a very high contrast in the video so that the persons face cant be seen, hiding his identity. This is a professional effect which is used and will be very effective on out website to make it look professional.

Layout and positioning of the page

Chat To Charlie is a basic charity website which is aimed to help people out with drug addictions, how to stop them, and why not to get started to have one. It is very similar to the website ‘Talk To Frank’. It has around the same information and also a couple of pages we have created are close to the pages on Talk To Frank.

One of the best bits of work on the website I think would be the backgrounds. Where they are our own imagery and we have used very plain and rather dull colours, they work well with the theme we have gone with (drug addict) and they are effective. The backgrounds are roughly the same as the Talk To Frank website as we are aiming the websites at the same audience. Also we have images next to some pieces of information, which we have written. The picture would be next to the information so that the audience will know what the information is about. Also this makes the website look neat and organized.

We have the images as the background and then have the information over the top of the images, and then also another image next to the information.

Also we have hyperlinks to other pages, which we have created. This means that all the pages we have created are linked to one another. This means that you can explore every page we have on the website and then if one doesn’t have the information which you are after you are able to go back a step and start again to find it.

The final bit which we have included on the website is a logo, this logo is in the same spot on every page which we have. The logo is ‘Charlie’ which is placed in the top left hand corner on every page, it is in the same colour and also the same text to that it stays the same.

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