Wednesday, 12 May 2010

6 - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

The project which we have been set it to create an actual website that will be used by the target audience which we will have to pick as well. I am going to write about the programs which I have used and how they have created my website.

Apple Mac

I have never properly used an Apple Mac computer before so I had to start new with all the programs and the where about of the computers. The programs are no where near the same as on the Macs and therefore it took me a while to be able to use the programs which I had to use to create the website.

The Macs are much faster computers to use and once you have the hang of using them they are rather simple to use. As they are quicker to use you are able to get the information, which you are after much quicker and then you can use it quicker. Also they have more memory space than the other computers around the school, so with the information you want to use, you can hold that on the computer and have more space as well for other information and images.

I Web

Again I have never used this program before so I had to find how to use it and also where all the icons were so that I could use them for creating my website.

At the start I couldn’t really understand how to use I Web, so it took me a while to learn where everything was to I could make the website, but again once I got the hang of using it I found it easy and simple to use. Also it was quick as well. The icons which are on the program allow you to be able to make you the website, and exactly how you wanted it to look like, be it colours, layout and more.

A bad thing about I Web is that if there is no one to tell you where the icons are, it will take you a while to actually create the website which you are after. There are so many icons available and are all for different purposes, but some of them look the same. But once you have the hang of it, you can create something that looks professional.

Pictures and Video taking

The images and videos which me, and my partner took for the website we had to find an take ourselves. The Images were taking from all around the school and we think they were very effective on the website.

Also the video was taking in a classroom in the school. We took this ourselves again with the equipment from the media department. We have a fair bit of training so that we were able to use the equipment, and to get the final touches onto the images and the video we had help from members of staff.

I Movie

Before creating the website and the video, I have never used I Movie before. I had to get help putting the video which we had created onto the program, and then once it was on there we also needed help putting both the videos together, and making it look professional.

Once I had the help from a teacher, I was able to use the program myself and add the finishing touches to the video as well.

I Movie was had to use and to get the hold of, but then once we had help and got the video together, it got easier to use to put the final touches onto the video to make it look good and go together.

Microsoft Work and Excel

Both these programs I am able to use as I have used them both in different subjects. On the other hand the layout of both the programs are different as some things are in different places and are a little different to use.

On these programs are where I done my typing work for the website, and the type ups for the evaluation for the work.

Also I used excel for creating my survey which I had to hand out. Then I transferred it to Microsoft Word so that I could give it the finishing touches and produce the final survey.

Both these programs were easy to use as I had use them before and therefore I could do the type ups to finish the work and also type in the information onto the website and create the survey to get the audiences views on websites.

By using the I Mac and all the programs which came with it to create my website, I feel more comfortable in using the I Mac to create something different and also to do work in the media department on my own to do pieces of work which I have been given.

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