Thursday, 22 April 2010

Website brief

The website which I am aiming to produce will be focused on a main charity website. The charity website which I am looking at is ‘’ this websites aims its information on people who have drug additions and therefore the information which it carries out is to help and explain what the drugs do. This website is a worldwide website aimed at anyone with a drug addiction, therefore it is a worldwide charity website.

I like the idea of this website because it doesn’t aim at one problem, it is aimed at a number of people with many different problems. Also it isn’t only posted online, this website has television adverts to advertise the website and what it does to help people.

The audience I think that ‘’ is aiming at are people from their teenage years around to the age of up to 30-40 years old, but then again the majority of the public can get something out of this website if needs be.

For my website I will aim to do this aswell. This is because it will have information carried out across the website and also it will have images, videos to help explain and give people the information which they are looking for.

The website will have information and also a donate page so people could give money to the charity and then expand the information they have and use it for a good cause.

Also there will be information on how to get in touch with the charity and therefore be able to ask any questions which they have and any enquires which they have also.

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