Friday, 25 September 2009

Blogspot review.

Starting the year with the subject of media, I came into the subject with not knowing a lot about the subject. Within these first couple of weeks we have reviewed a fair few clips from Hollyoaks and also the new James Bond film, Casino Royal.

My perceptions at the start of the year where to do as well as I could and understand what we would be doing as soon as possible. From looking at these clips from Hollyoaks and the James Bond film, we have looked at the camera angles which we have used and also the lighting which they would have used to create the scene.

My perceptions from the start of the year and from now haven’t changed as I still want to learn about the angles and still would like to carry on learning as quickly as possible.

What has gone well for me is that I have learnt about the camera angles, the lighting and how they create the scene well and understood about the ways in which they do this. The small pieces of written work which we have had to do I believe have gone well as I have mostly understood the work as hopefully I have done the work to a good standard.

From watching the James Bond DVD I have learnt about the camera angles and also the lighting which they use to create the movie. At the beginning of the year I wouldn’t have known about this type of editing for movies and now looking at it more in depth I do understand about the lighting and the angles of the camera which they use.

Also we have looked at a short video clip, which is called ‘gone fishing’. This short clip has won various amounts of awards around the world, and watching it gave me more of an insite to the media world, using many different camera angles, lighting and also a very interesting story line aimed at the audience in mind.

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